Outsourced Marketing Director

This service is very flexible and designed to fit into the gaps in your in-house marketing resources. Quite often SME’s will have some junior marketing staff, or employees who are responsible for marketing as part of their role. A senior experienced marketing director can support the planning of marketing activities while the in-house team deliver on the implementation.

Several smaller companies do most of their own in-house marketing and cannot justify the cost of a full-time Marketing Director. They would benefit greatly from advice and support to oversee their marketing investment to ensure they are focusing on the identified priorities for the business.  Alternatively, a company may require additional resources for a short period of time to support a specific project or to provide support at particularly busy times of the year. An outsourced Marketing Director could be the solution to your problem.

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What is an Outsourced Marketing Director?

There are 4 typical scenarios where a company may employ this service.

1. Marketing Reviews: Monthly or quarterly review of activities and KPI’s to support in-house marketing personnel
2. Project Support: Expert support for Company that requires additional senior marketing resources for a defined period or project.
3. Campaign Management: Coordination of external suppliers ensuring consistency across marketing activities to deliver a campaign
4. Marketing Department: A fully outsourced marketing management service, coordinating all your marketing needs by sourcing marketing specialists as required

Who needs an Outsourced Marketing Director?

– Start-ups that require initial direction to set-up and coordinate their marketing activities
– Solopreneurs who require a quarterly or annual review of their marketing activity to keep them on track
– Micro and Small business owner operators seeking senior marketing expertise to guide their marketing investment decisions
– SME’s who need additional resources to support a specific project
– Sports and non-profit organisations who want short term support to manage a specific marketing project

What are the Benefits of an Outsourced Marketing Director?

– Access to senior marketing expertise on a regular basis without full-time salary
– Support your in-house team in implementing marketing plans
– Ensure that your marketing investment is delivering for the business
– Increase your resources when required as specific times or for a defined project
– Provide choices and informed options for on-going activities
– Maintain a structured approach to the measurement of ROI

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