Workshop Tailored to Tackle your Marketing Challenges

If you are a Start-up, Solopreneur, or a Small Businesses Owner, our dedicated Marketing Workshop can provide you with an opportunity to focus on a specific aspect of your marketing. We understand that for business owners it is very difficult to invest time in your marketing as you are so busy managing the operations on a day-to-day basis. It can also be expensive to hire the services of an experienced Marketing Director to advise on your marketing activities. For this reason, we offer a one-to-one Marketing Planning Workshop specifically for your business.

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1. Pre-Workshop Questionnaire to identify marketing priorities for your business
2. 3-hour Workshop focusing on the specific aspect of Marketing that you have identified. Topics include:
– Creating your Target Audience Profile
– Managing your Marketing Resources
– Identify your Marketing Objective
– Plan your Marketing Activities
– Create Marketing Reports
– Define Marketing Channels
– Review your Marketing Plan
3. Post-workshop Report
– Your Marketing Action Plan

Who is it for?

– Established Solopreneurs with limited resources to identify marketing priorities
– Micro and Small business owner operators looking for quick wins for their marketing
– SME’s who require an external perspective on a marketing initiative or project
– Sports and non-profit organisations who want to coordinate a group of volunteers

What are the Key Benefits ?

– Dedicated and uninterrupted business marketing time
– Expert advice to guide your marketing decisions
– Reduce time and financial waste on ad-hoc marketing
– Video recording of workshop for business owner reference
– Workshop report with Marketing Action Plan
– Supply of relevant templates and marketing resources
– Scheduled to work around your business needs

Book Consultation to Plan Your Marketing Workshop