Strategic Marketing = Planning for Profit

Failing to plan, is planning to fail.
Unless you know what you are trying to achieve with your Marketing investment, how will you know if it is effective?

A Strategic Marketing Plan is a live document that guides all Marketing decisions and outlines how your business will achieve the defined objectives, utilising the available resources. Marketing Strategy is the guide that helps business owners choose, prioritise, plan and executive projects to influence profitable customer action.

Instigate will guide you through the stages of creating a comprehensive Marketing Strategy, from the macro environment your company operates into the micro detail of tracking your return on investment.

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6 Steps to Create Your Marketing Strategy

Who needs a Marketing Strategy?

Every business and organisation that sells products and services should have a Marketing Strategy.

– Established Solopreneurs who need a plan to direct their marketing investment
– Micro and small business owners who require support to organise their marketing activities
– SME’s who are ready to take their marketing investment to the next level
– Sports and non-profit organisations who want to adopt a professional communications approach

What are the Benefits of a Marketing Strategy?

– Clarity on who your target audience is and where they are
– Value proposition that highlights your unique selling point
– Focus on Marketing investment that will drive business profit
– Balance between short term tactics and long-term brand objectives
– Consistency in conveying core brand values driving brand awareness
– Create a reporting structure to measure return of marketing investment

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