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FREE Marketing Resources for Start-ups and SME’s

To support business owners to plan their marketing we share some marketing resources and tips, including a free marketing plan template and guides to help you start your marketing planning. To stay up to date with the latest publication of FREE Instigate Marketing Resources and more please sign up to our newsletter below.

Marketing is a very broad discipline and covers everything from your pricing strategy to your customer loyalty plan. When starting, the best advice is to keep it simple and focus on the most important actions that will help support your organisation’s goals. If you want to make real progress on marketing, you need to be clear on how much investment you are going to put in -including time, money, people and technology.

 Instigate Top 3 Marketing Resources:

  1. Hubspot’s Marketing Resources, which covers a broad range of topics from Blog Writing, to Business Planning, to Marketing Budgets. If you are looking for advice on any marketing topic there is a good chance it is covered here.
  2. Google Digital Garage which offers free Google Certified Training on Digital Marketing Topics.
  3. South County Dublin Local Enterprise Office provides a wide range of business training courses with many marketing experts. This is the link to the South Dublin LEO but you can find your Local Enterprise Office here.


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