“See, Think, Do, Care”, created by Avinash Kaushik, is the most straight forward marketing model I have used. It is action orientated are adaptable to organisations of all sizes – but especially for small businesses.

If you have never created a marketing plan before this is a great place to start. It breaks your marketing activities into four customer journey phases and enables you to think about your message based on what stage of the journey your customer is at. It looks at marketing from the perspective of customers.

Stage One: SEE
This is your company or brand’s largest qualified addressable audience. This is a very broad definition of your market.

Stage Two: THINK
Your customer has already seen the product or service and is now actively thinking about purchasing. This is the research phase where customer consider alternatives.

Stage Three: DO
At this stage your customer is ready to buy and it is your role to make this a smooth transaction.

Stage Four: CARE
When you secure a new customer this is when your aftersales marketing needs to be activated to ensure your customer is 100% satisfied to increase your referrals and loyalty.

By dividing your marketing actions into these 4 stages it ensures that you are speaking to customers at all stages of their journey.

The attached template provides you with a simple framework to map out your marketing actions for each audience.
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